TruckCraft Salt Spreader Dealer in Uniontown, PA
in Uniontown, PA

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While searching for a TruckCraft Salt Spreader Dealer in Uniontown, PA, stop by Reynolds Snow Plowing & Equipment. A salt spreader helps prevent or remove ice from sidewalks and roadways allowing for safer walking and driving. Our deicer salt spreaders connect to the back of the vehicle to disperse salt, sand, or a mixture as you drive.

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TruckCraft's D-ICER: Built in the USA

TruckCraft’s D-ICER products have 12-volt electric spreaders manufactured completely of aluminum and stainless steel. TruckCraft salt spreaders are quick to install, making them easier to use. The product sizes range from pickup truck dumpers to 19,500-pound capacity chassis one-tons with dumping capability. D-ICERs connect directly to your vehicle’s batteries without the need for a costly clutch or PTO pump. All D-ICERs include a robust wire harness, an in-cab digital control produced in the United States, and all mounting hardware. All this is included in a two-year guaranteed manufacturing warranty.

A Wide Range of TruckCraft Products Available

TruckCraft salt spreaders are available in a variety of styles: from a personal tailgate spreaders to commercial dump truck inserts. The Salt Spreaders available for purchase include:

  • TC-140 D-ICER PLUS
  • TC-131 D-ICER

Benefits of a TruckCraft Salt Spreader in Uniontown, PA

There are several advantages to employing a salt spreader instead of a traditional technique of disseminating rock salt. Salt spreaders need far less work than throwing rock salt by hand. Spreading rock salt by hand might be difficult if you are elderly or have a chronic ailment. Using a salt spreader in Uniontown, PA, can distribute grit quickly and easily, which means less time in frigid weather. Snow spreaders have a spinner that distributes rock salt uniformly. Because salt spreaders properly distribute rock salt, they are significantly more efficient and use less salt. This reduces the amount of salt you need to purchase. 

Stop by Reynolds Snow Plowing & Equipment when searching for a TruckCraft Salt Spreader Dealer in Uniontown, PA.