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If you need 24/7 emergency snow removal in Western Maryland, Reynolds Snow Plowing & Equipment can help. Whether you need help with snow plowing or want to do it yourself, Reynolds Snow Plowing & Equipment is a one stop shop. As snow plow dealers, we offer a large selection of brand-name snow plows and spreaders to Maryland residents and businesses. And our technicians provide the support you need when using them year after year.

We carry a wide range of trusted brands of snow plows, salt spreaders, deicer, snow pushers and more. Contact Reynolds Snow Plowing & Equipment online or call us (724) 564-7569 to discuss snow plowing services. We can discuss what snow removal equipment would work best for you.

Get Ready Before the Storm For Safer Snow Clean Up

Salting forms a brine layer on the pavement, which reduces snow buildup on the roads. Using a preventative salt treatment makes it simpler to clear the remaining snow from the pavements after a snowstorm. It is an important solution for ensuring the safety of your walkways, parking lot, and driveway. This is especially true for companies during business hours.

Reynolds Snow Plowing & Equipment personnel understand which materials to use and where to apply pre-event surface treatment for maximum efficiency. You can trust our knowledgeable sales team to help you select the perfect salt or deicer. Regardless of when the storm arrives, our staff is accessible for emergency storm service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

On-Location or In-Shop Repair Services Available

  • Straight Plows
  • V-Plows
  • Winged Plows
  • Adjustable Plows
  • UTV Plows
  • Tractor Plows
  • Snow Pushers
  • Salt Spreaders
  • Deicers

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“I wouldn’t recommend going anywhere else for anything that relates to plowing! Rick is very knowledgeable and provides amazing service. I highly recommend them!”
-Brandon Franklin

“Great service and very knowledgeable. If you’re looking for a plow or repair service, this is the place to go.”
-Jerry Gray

“They had everything I needed… fast and courteous service.”
-Ron Lee

For snow removal and plowing equipment in Garrett and Allegany counties of Western Maryland, rely on Reynolds Snow Plowing & Equipment.

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