Salt and Deicer Supplies
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Reynolds Snow Plowing & Equipment Stays Stocked in Salt and Deicers

Need to stock up on your salt and deicer supplies in Uniontown, PA, to last through the winter? Look no further than Reynolds Snow Plowing & Equipment. We are the prominent provider of ice melt, road salt, ice melting materials, and snow removal products. Trust us to be fully stocked 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether you apply it by hand or a salt spreader, regardless of the weather we have products in stock. Unlike a box store we do not let our customers leave without much-needed salt and deicer. Whether you want one bag or a bulk load, we help households and businesses.

Stop by the shop in Uniontown, PA to pick up your salt and deicing supplies today. You can also contact Reynolds Snow Plowing & Equipment online or call us (724) 564-7569 for more information on our available stock.

Use Deicers to Make Your Uniontown, PA Home and Business Safer

Deicers are chemicals that help to dissolve or prevent the binding between ice and concrete. This change makes shoveling and ice removal easier. This helps prevent slips and falls on sidewalks and spinning tires on roads. Any deicing product’s primary purpose is to lower the freezing point of water and generate a brine solution. A solution is made up of two parts: a solvent (liquid) and a solute (a solid that dissolves into the liquid). It is critical to realize that these solutions are not designed to melt big amounts of snow or ice.

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Stop by Reynolds Snow Plowing and Equipment to stock up on your salt and deicer supplies in Uniontown, PA.